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Nestro Oak Round Wood Briquettes Grade B - Read Description

Price / Pallet
Pine & Spruce
Pini Kay
BrickRound w/o hole
Heating value
5.1 kWh/kg
4.7 kWh/kg
4.7 kWh/kg
4.9 kWh/kg
Ash Residue
0.65 %
0.4 %
0.4 %0.3 %
Moisture Content
4.5 %
7.1 %
6.7 %6.8 %
Briquette Size6.5x6.5x22 cm14.5x6.5x10 cm14.5x6.5x10 cm9.5x 27.5 cm
Briquette Weight0.83kg0.83kg0.83kg2kg
Pack / Weight12 Pcs / 10kg12 Pcs / 10kg12 Pcs / 10kg5 Pcs / 10kg
Pallet / Weight96 Packs/960kg96 packs/960kg96 packs/960kg96 Packs/960kg
Burn + Glow Duration*)Up to 2.5-3.5hrsUp to 3.5hrsUp to 2hrsUp to 3-4hrs
Expansion when burningNoneLowLowLow
Burn SmokeNoNoNoNo
SurfaceLightly charredSmall cracks SmoothSmooth
Breakable by handNoNoNoNo
NotesVersatile, also suitable for wood burning cookers due to high burning temperatureVersatile, all-rounder briquette, compact and economicalVersatile, all-rounder briquette, compact and even burningVersatile, all-rounder briquette

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*) For guidance only. Briquettes burn with good flame first, then flames subside and the briquettes glow and release heat. Duration depends on type of appliance used, quantity of briquettes loaded and air inflow setting.

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