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RUF Birch Heat Logs FSC 100%

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The UK's Top Selling Birch Briquettes

Product Highlights:

  • 100% Birch Hardwood
  • Low moisture: 6.7%;
  • Low ash: 0.3%;
  • High calorific value: 17.129 MJ/kg;
  • Long burning time up to 2 hours 15m;
  • Certified sustainable - FSC  100%;  
  • Ready to Burn CertificateWS356/00008;
  • Each pack weighs approx. 10kg +/- 5%
  • Uniform, smooth surface, light colour wood;
  • Lower cost than Pini-Kay briquettes;
  • Recommended for smaller stoves;
  • Bulk pricing - £5 discount per full pallet for orders of two or more full pallets;
  • Free economy delivery to all addresses in the UK and islands. Click here for delivery details. 


Due to very low moisture levels (approx. 7.5% compared to 20% in kiln-dried logs and 30% in seasoned logs), the Birch Heat Logs light easily and give off a lot of heat. Two firelighters are sufficient to light these  - no kindling required. In our tests, they produced a nice burn of approx. 1 hour followed by up to two hours of hot "glow". The duration of burning will depend on the quantity loaded and burn intensity regulated by air inflow settings.

Delivery on 12 t vehicles

Delivery on 12 t vehicles is available in most areas (excluding some areas of Hebrides) and can be requested by ticking the box on this page. 


Grass, gravel, limited access? Add a sack truck to your order for £23.99 and move up to 325kg of heat logs/pellets/firewood (as appropriate for the product) to your store.

Use recommendations:

Two to three briquettes should be used to start the fire. Because they burn much hotter than logs and expand slightly in the fire, it is important not to overload your fire box. 

To maximise performance, get the fire really hot before turning down the air flow and refuelling as required. 

Recommended for smaller wood and multi-fuel stoves and log boilers. For larger appliances, we recommend Nestro Round Wood Briquettes due to the larger size of the individual briquette. 

Product details:

  • Pale yellow colour;
  • Calorific value: 17.129 MJ/kg;
  • Each briquette measures approximately 65mm x 90mm x 150mm (approx. 2.5 x 3.5 x 6 in.);
  • Each 10kg pack contains 12 heat logs fitted into traditional PE bag;
  • Full pallets of 960kg delivered on a Euro pallet sized 120 x 80 x 140cm (3.93" x 2.65 x 4.60" approx.); smaller quantities may be delivered on Euro or UK pallets (100 x 120cm);
  • Pallet sizes: 
    • full pallet: 96 x 10kg packs = 960kg net; dimensions 120x80x140cm
    • 3/4 pallet: 72 x 10kg packs = 720kg net; dimensions either 120x80 or 100x120 height up to 120cm 
    • half pallet: 48 x 10kg packs = 480kg net; dimensions either 120x80 or 100x120 height up to 85cm
    • quarter pallet: 24 x 10kg packs = 240kg net; dimensions either 120x80 or 100x120 height up to 65cm
    • sample size: 2 x 10kg packs;
  • Custom sized and mixed pallets available - please contact us for details. 

Burn well and last a good time

Fits my multi fuel stove perfect, clean and wonderful heat

Well packed and long burning

Think the NESTRO are easier to handle as there is no mess but seem to be lasting as long and burning well.


easy to store + use.easy to light + great heat with minimal waste

A lot better than mucking around with coal or logs.

Burn well, bit messy with a fair bit of sawdust inside the loose (but sealed) package.

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