Mixed Pallet of 48 Packs PINI KAY + 24 Nets Ash Logs

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48 Packs Pini-Kay + 24 Nets of Ash Logs
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An attractive combination of 48 x 10kg packs of high density and hot burning Pini Kay briquettes made of compressed clean virgin sawdust, stacked on 100 x 120cm pallet, and 24 x 35L/13kg nets of quick lighting kiln dried Ash logs on top.

The combination gives the advantages of high heat and long burn time of compressed briquettes and natural flame and look of ash logs.

Pini Kay wood briquettes are made from Pine (70%) and Spruce (30%) sawdust (sawmill byproducts) mix with no additives. They burn for approx. 0.5 hour and then glowed while releasing heat for 2.5 hours, for a total heat release time of 3 hours. Lowest moisture (4-5% or less) and highest heat value 5.1kWh/kg make these briquettes a great choice. Each briquette measures approximately 63mm x 63mm x 230mm (approx.2.5 x 2.5 x 10 in.) with a hole down the middle 24mm (1 in.) in diameter which creates additional draught and ensures the briquettes burn both inside and outside. Each 10kg pack of 12 logs is wrapped in plastic film with a binder tape. Suitable for modern log burners, wood stoves with adjustable air inflow, woodburning cookers, barbecues, chimeneas. Results in open fireplaces will depend on air inflow. More details about Pini Kay briquettes can be found here

Ash kiln-dried logs are 25cm in length and Extra Dry - some logs 5% or less, all logs below 20%. Heating value is approx. 5.3kWh/kg. One of best woods for burning, it produces a steady flame and good heat output. Ash wood produces excellent heat, a nice flame and it lasts reasonably well. More details about Ash Kiln-Dried logs can be found here.


Grass, gravel, limited access? Add a sack truck to your order for £23.99 and move up to 325kg of heat logs/pellets/firewood (as appropriate for the product) to your store.

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