Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the differences between the various types of wood briquettes and heat logs?

A: Pini-Kay wood briquettes burn the hottest and contain the least moisture. For this reason it is the only type of briquette suitable for a wood burning cooker. 

All the types of briquettes have been thoroughly tested and perform well in all types of appliances. The choice depends mostly on your taste! If you are happy to use brick shaped briquettes, then the Heat Logs are a good choice. They are also very compact to store. For a more natural look, try the Round Hotlogs- these are round and look great in an open fire, much like real logs.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, we are happy to chat on 020 30020359 or if you’d rather read some materials, detailed information is available in our Wood Briquette and Heat Log Comparison Guide.

Q: Can you mix different products on one pallet?

A: We can mix two types of briquettes on one pallet (for example 480 kg of type 1 and 480 kg of type 2). Also, we can mix one type of briquettes and one type of kiln-dried logs. To see some of the available options of these mixed pallets please click here: Mixed Pallets. The maximum weight of products delivered on one full pallet is 960 kg. Please contact us if your desired option is not listed for a quote.

Q: How many kiln-dried logs are there in one crate?

A: Approximately 350-400 logs in a 1.2m3 crate and 750 - 850 logs in a 2.4m3 crate.

Q: What are the differences between different types of firewood you offer?

A: Please consult our Kiln-Dried Logs Comparison Guide for detailed information on the differences between different types of firewood available in our store.

Q: Are you Woodsure® Ready to Burn certified?

A: Yes, following a rigorous audit and testing process, all our firewood and wood briquettes have been certified as Woodsure® Ready To Burn. Woodsure® is the UK's only firewood and wood briquettes quality assurance scheme whose aim is to improve the quality of woodfuel throughout the UK. Wherever you see the Woodsure® Ready to Burn certification mark and logo, you can be confident that the woodfuel supplier including Bioglow has been independently checked and audited to make sure their products are of the highest quality. Our registration number is WS356. For more information, please visit

Q: What VAT rate is included in the price?

A: 5% for domestic use. If ordering for re-sale or business use, 20% rate applies. Please contact us for a quotation if you are purchasing for business use. 

Q: Can you deliver my order on a specific date?

A: The standard economy delivery is a 2/3 business day service.  The delivery courier calls you to arrange a suitable date and time for delivery. In most of the UK, excluding the Hebrides and far north and west of Scotland, we offer free named day delivery. After you add a product to your shopping basket, please tick the box in the Delivery section in the middle of the page to select your desired delivery date. If this option is not offered, or if you do not see a choice of dates after ticking the box, please call us on 020 3002 0359 and we will explain options available. In the northern Highlands, we are able to offer a named day delivery on certain days of the week only because there is less than a daily service to some areas. Please contact us to discuss your options. Unfortunately specific day deliveries cannot be arranged in the Hebrides and some areas of Western Scotland, but we our our courier will inform you in advance of the arrival date of your order.

Q: Do you offer next working day delivery?

We can also provide next working day delivery for £10. Please select this option under 'Delivery rates' when placing your order. The cost of weekend deliveries varies, but is normally around £40. To arrange a weekend delivery, please select this option at checkout or contact us

We need to have your order in by 2pm on a given day for it to be processed for dispatch that same day. 

Q: Will you carry the ordered goods into my house/garden/shed?

A: Delivery is contracted to kerbside only. This means the nearest flat, hard, level place to your property. However, drivers will normally move your goods to the nearest point accessible by a flat and level surface, even if this is inside your garage or shed. Please note that this is at the driver's discretion. The delivery driver is not insured to enter your property, unpack and carry your order into your property. 

Q: I want to buy a pallet of your wood briquettes but I cannot accept the pallet because of a gravel driveway at my property. How can you help me?

A: Most of our orders will arrive on a pallet and be delivered to the nearest flat, hard and accessible location to your property. This is known as a 'kerbside delivery'.  Please see the previous question for more information.

Whilst every effort will be made to bring the pallet as close as possible to your property, in some cases there may be obstructions such as slopes, gravel paths or uneven driveways and the pallet may need to be left some distance from your property.  In these cases, you can make delivery easier if you order a heavy duty sack truck which you can buy along with the pallet for the price of only ₤45. To order, please open the detail page of your desired product and look for a tick box next to different product sizes and prices. 

This sack truck is sized 35 x 40 x 130 cm when assembled and easily moves up to 325kg in one go from the pallet to your store. The sack truck if ordered will be delivered to you at least a day in advance of the delivery of your pallet. Allow additional 2-3 days for delivery where this option is selected. Limit one per customer please. 

If you require further advice regarding any aspect of delivery, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise.

Q: Can you deliver my order using a Hi-Ab or crane over a fence or up an incline?

A: Hi-Abs and cranes are expensive professional equipment. We are able to arrange delivery on a Hi-Ab for most of the UK at extra cost. Guideline cost for this option is approx. £200 per delivery regardless of the number of pallets ordered. For example, for an order of four pallets, the additional cost for using a Hi-Ab to unload the products to your property will be £50 per pallet. Dimensions of Hi-Ab arms vary - please contact us to discuss your options. For orders of 1-2 pallets, in most cases hand delivery on a van will be more economical. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: I work / live near the delivery location but will not be there all day. Will the delivery company call me so I can meet them?

A: Yes, we can ask the delivery company to call you. Alternatively, we can call you on the morning of delivery day to advise the delivery window, or arrange booked in delivery (see above). Please call us on 020 30020359 or send us a note on with your order to any special delivery requirements.

Q: Will you let me know what day the delivery is?

 A: Yes we would be happy to do this for you. Please send us a note with your order or contact us by telephone or email.

Q: I have received an unsolicited phone call from your number. What should I do?

A: We do not tolerate any illegal, malicious or otherwise inconsiderate behaviour by our staff and contractors, nor any fraud being committed using our name or contact details. If you believe you have received unsolicited phone calls from 0203 002 0359, please inform us as soon as possible by email on or by phone. Cases have been reported of fraudsters posing as legitimate businesses such as ours and/or falsifying Caller ID to give the impression they are using someone else's number. We will take all practical steps to answer your questions and inform our IT providers and other contractors who will investigate and seek to put an end to any unauthorised activity. 

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