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Why heat logs?

Bioglow offer competitive pricing and attractive terms for supply of wood briquettes, heat logs, kiln-dried logs and wood pellets or resale in sizes ranging from half and full pallets to full loads. 

Heat logs and kiln-dried logs become more and more popular as they allow for significant space savings and offer vastly superior heat release compared to traditional seasoned logs. Therefore, demand for heat logs and kiln-dried logs is steadily growing.

In the retail sector, heat logs make an excellent source of revenue for rural post offices, garages, petrol stations and similar retail outlets. A typical retail price for one 10kg pack of heat logs is around £5-6 including 5% VAT, while our price for a pallet delivered starts at approx. £2.75 / 10 kg pack net of VAT.


Please note the prices shown on the green buttons above are including VAT at 20% required by law when purchasing for resale. If you are buying for own use as a business, you can pay VAT 5% (check HMRC Guidance here). If this applies to you, please order here.

For reference, net prices are as follows:

Full pallet - £261.90 + VAT

Half pallet - £166.67 + VAT

Bulk discount of £5 + VAT per pallet for orders of 2-4 pallets and £10 + VAT per pallet for orders of 5 and more pallets.


Due to very low moisture levels (less than 10% compared to 20% in kiln-dried logs and 30% in seasoned logs), the heat logs light easily and give off a lot of heat. In our tests, they produced a nice burn of approx. 1 hour followed by up to two hours of hot "glow". The duration of burning will depend on the quantity used and air inflow settings.

Delivery on 7.5 t vehicles:

Delivery on 7.5 tonne vehicles is now limited to pallets weighing 750kg or less. This includes 3/4 pallets, half pallets and quarter pallets. Please email or telephone us to place your order if you'd like to take advantage of this free service.

Use recommendations:

A minimum of three briquettes should be loaded at any given time.  Because they burn much hotter than logs and expand slightly in the fire, it is important not to overload your fire box. Loading to about half the capacity is usually ideal, but try and see what works best for you.

To maximise performance, get the fire really hot before turning down the air flow and refuelling as required. 

Recommended for all types of fireplaces, wood and multifuel stoves and log boilers.

Product details:

  • Pale yellow colour;
  • Low moisture: 7.5%;
  • High calorific value: 18 MJ/kg (5.0 kWh/kg);
  • Long burning time up to 2.5 hours;
  • Each briquette measures approximately 65mm x 90mm x 150mm (approx. 2.5 x 3.5 x 6 in.);
  • Each 10kg bag contains 12 heat logs;
  • Full pallets of 960kg delivered on a Euro pallet sized 120 x 80 x 160cm (approx.); smaller quantities may be delivered on Euro or UK pallets (100 x 120cm);
  • Custom sized and mixed pallets available - please contact us for details;
  • Free economy delivery to all addresses in the UK and islands. Click here for delivery details. 

Clean and hot burning these logs are a good product and very suitable to our stove.


I have been trying these instead of kiln dried logs for my small Stovax. So far, I am very impressed. <br />They do not burn quite a hot as the kiln dried hardwood (but in my small Stovax that is not a bad thing - the small chamber can easily get too hot). <br />Burn time is really good and consistent - about an hour with a flame and another hour still giving off a good heat; though I have found I need to maintain a slightly higher airflow than with kiln dried logs once the fire is established.<br />They ignite very easily - I now only use a few bits of kindling with the first two logs to get the fire going.<br />They can be a little messy in storage - some sawdust flakes inevitably fall off as they are handled.<br />They burn to a very fine ash.<br />I am going to get the chimney swept earlier than usual because I have a suspicion that they produce a much finer soot, which is more likely to build up on the chimney side (certainly the Stovax has a very fine soot covering the top plate each morning). <br />I cannot see myself going back to traditional logs.

Have used this product previously, gives off great heat with the ash being very fine.


As Above

Great product consistent quality


Do not burn well in open fire, smoulder after a short time and hence no flame or heat

Burn well, contain little dust and will continue to buy them.


As Above

Good price and quantity Nice

My latest pallet of Birch RUF logs are the poorest RUF logs I've had from Bioglow or anyone else. They are loosely compressed, crumbly, with ~100cc of sawdust per pack, and burn poorly with low temperature and short duration in my Clearview 650. The wrapping is looser polythene and messy to use with these crumbly blocks. Had this been my first pallet of RUF blocks rather than my fifth or sixth I wouldn't be trying them again <br /><br />I had a few packs of my last batch (marked LEWIS) left for direct comparison and they are like chalk and cheese.

Burn well but too much plastic packing.

As described. Good price.


Slow burning, good heat & low ash producing clean fuel. An excellent alternative to coal in multifuel stove applications

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