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Pini-Kay Wood Fuel Briquettes for Stoves, Fireplaces, Pizza Ovens, Barbecues

Why heat logs?

Bioglow offer competitive pricing and attractive terms for supply of wood briquettes, heat logs, kiln-dried logs and wood pellets or resale in sizes ranging from half and full pallets to full loads. 

Heat logs and kiln-dried logs become more and more popular as they allow for significant space savings and offer vastly superior heat release compared to traditional seasoned logs. Therefore, demand for heat logs and kiln-dried logs is steadily growing.

In the retail sector, heat logs make an excellent source of revenue for rural post offices, garages, petrol stations and similar retail outlets. A typical retail price for one 10kg pack of heat logs is around £5-6 including 5% VAT, while our price for a pallet delivered starts at approx. £2.75 / 10 kg pack net of VAT.


Please note the prices shown on the green buttons above are including VAT at 20% required by law when purchasing for resale. If you are buying for own use as a business, you can pay VAT 5% (check HMRC Guidance here). If this applies to you, please order here.

For reference, net prices are as follows:

Full pallet - £300.00 + VAT

Half pallet - £180.00 + VAT

Quarter pallet - £117.50 + VAT

Bulk discount of £5 + VAT per pallet for orders of 2-4 full pallets and £10 + VAT per pallet for orders of 5 and more pallets.


In our tests the briquettes produced good flame during the first 20-30 minutes of burning and then glowed for over 2.5 hours giving a steady heat until reduction to a small amount of grey ash residue. Total heat release time was reported at over 3 hours.

Trade pricing:

The prices shown are net of VAT. VAT at 20% for customers purchasing for resale will be added at checkout. Trade customers purchasing for own use - please order via the main section of website or contact us on for help. Multi-buy discounts are available - please contact us for your custom offer.

Product details:

  • Chocolate colour;
  • Moisture: 4-5%;
  • Heat value: 18.5 MJ/kg (5.1 kWh/kg);
  • Do not expand, spark, or spit when burning;
  • Each briquette measures approximately 63mm x 63mm x 230mm (approx.2.5 x 2.5 x 10 in.) with a hole down the middle 24mm (1 in.) in diameter which creates additional draught and ensures the briquettes burn both inside and outside;
  • Each 10kg pack of 12 logs is wrapped in plastic film with a binder tape;
  • Pallet sizes:
    • Full pallet: 96 x 10kg packs;
    • Half pallet: 48 x 10kg packs;
    • Quarter pallet: 24 x 10kg packs;
    • Sample pack: 2 x 10kg packs;
  • Made from Pine (70%) and Spruce (30%) sawdust (sawmill byproducts) with no additivesж
  • Free economy delivery to all addresses in the UK and islands. Click here for delivery details.   

Use recommendations:

Burning time in different appliances will depend on air inflow setting, number of briquettes loaded, outside temperature, and size of appliance and can range anywhere from 1 hour to over 3 hours. A minimum of three to four briquettes should be loaded at any given time. Due to particularly low moisture it's important to adjust air inflow to ensure longest possible burning and glowing time.

Suitable for modern wood stoves with adjustable air inflow, woodburning cookers, barbecues, chimeneas. Results in open fireplaces will depend on air inflow. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or purchase a sample if desired.


Messy, packing punctured in numerous places, high volume of wasteage as rain had penetrated the packing

Manageable size with great heat output and virtually no ash

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