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WillowWarm Carbon Neutral Briquettes

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Irish Made WillowWarm Carbon Neutral Briquettes produced from sustainably grown and harvested Irish Wood Products and carry the Guaranteed Irish Symbol - GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE.

Key Highlights:

  • 100% Renewable & Indigenous Irish Grown Willow & Biomass;
  • Smaller size of ca. 0.86kg / briquette - fits wide range of stoves;
  • Low Moisture: 7% to 9%;
  • Ash content: 1.5% to 3%;
  • Net calorific value: 17.28 MJ/kg;
  • No chemical additives
  • Free economy delivery to most addresses in the UK and islands. Free delivery to Northern Ireland. Click here for delivery details;
  • Full and part pallets can be collected from our depots in Bathgate, West Lothian (from 23 Jan); Flaxton, Yorkshire and Earls Colne, Essex, for a discount of £60 off any pallet size product.

Appliance recommendation:

Recommended for all wood burning stoves and conventional open fires and outdoor chimneys. Use modern and preferably Eco-Design labelled appliances


WillowWarm Carbon Neutral Briquettes burn clean and contain less ash and less moisture:

  • Less ash means less cleaning and higher energy efficiency;
  • Dried fuel with low moisture gives more heat per unit burned;
  • Dried fuel causes less chimney fouling;
  • Dried fuel promotes clean combustion;
  • Dried fuel provides the most consistent operating cost as no energy is used to evaporate water in the fuel.

How to achieve the best results? 

  • Always store WillowWarm Carbon Neutral Briquettes in a dry location away from the stove or open fire;
  • Never leave an open fire without a spark guard;
  • Always ensure that the stove or fireplace has adequate ventilation for safe combustion;
  • Regularly maintain your chimney and have it cleaned by a proper chimney sweep;
  • Use WillowWarm Carbon Neutral Briquettes with high efficiency air regulated stoves and open fires fitted with a flue


  • Always have your stove or fireplace maintained by a qualified technician.

Usage recommendations:

Burning time in different appliances will depend on air inflow setting, number of briquettes loaded, outside temperature, and size of appliance and can range anywhere from 1 hour to over 3 hours. A minimum of three to four briquettes should be loaded at any given time. Due to particularly low moisture it's important to adjust air inflow to ensure longest possible burning and glowing time.

Suitable for modern wood stoves with adjustable air inflow, woodburning cookers, barbecues, chimeneas. Results in open fireplaces will depend on air inflow. 

Heat release time:

In our tests the briquettes produced good flame during the first 30 minutes of burning and then glowed for over 2.5 hours giving a steady heat until reduction to a small amount of grey ash residue. Total heat release time was reported at over 3 hours. 


Delivery on 7.5 tonne vehicles is now limited to pallets weighing 750kg or less, which includes 3/4 pallets, half pallets, quarter pallets. Delivery on 12 tonne two axle vehicles is available too. Please telephone or email us if you would like this delivery option.

Gravel, grass, uneven ground, limited access? 

Add a heavy duty sack truck to your order for only £44.99 and easily move up to 325kg in one go from the pallet to your store - that's a £75 value. Sack truck dimensions when assembled are 35 x 40 x 130 cm. Limit one per customer please. Note: sack truck is sent separately and takes approx. 4-5 working days to arrive; contact us to arrange delivery of your pallet after you receive the sack truck.

Product details:

  • Beige colour;
  • Do not expand, emit sparks, or spit when burning;
  • Each briquette measures approximately  150 mm x 65 mm x 65 mm;
  • Briquette Density: > 1,000kg/m3;
  • Each 8.6 kg pack of 10 logs is wrapped in plastic film with a binder tape;
  • Full pallets of 1000kg delivered on a Euro pallet sized 120 x 80 x 145cm (approx.); smaller quantities may be delivered on Euro or UK pallets (100 x 120cm);
  • Pallet sizes:
    • Full pallet: 116 x 8.6 kg packs = 1000kg net; 
    • 3/4 pallet:  87 x 8.6 kg packs = 750kg net; 
    • Half pallet: 58 x 8.6 kg packs = 500kg net; 
    • Quarter pallet: 29 x 8.6 kg packs = 250kg net; 
    • Sample box: 2 x 8.6 kg packs.

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