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Superb quality kindling to go with any of our wood fuel products.

Forest Lighter Pro

Forest Lighter Wood Wool Firelighters - Pack of 60

A pack of 60 firelighters made of wood wool and wax, in a plastic bag.

Natural Fire Lighter is made from certificated wood wool and paraffin wax, which lights in any conditions and environment. It burns with a smokeless flame up to 10 mins and does not have any impact on food. To start a fire you will normally need 1-2 fire lighters. A bag contains 60 pieces of fire lighters. Suitable for stoves, cottages, fire places, BBQs and pizza ovens.

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60 pcs
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Wood Kindling Sticks

Wood kindling sticks

Softwood kindling sticks in handy bags - a perfect complement to any of our wood fuel products. Very dry and very light - around 2.8 kg per bag. Delivered by parcel or on the pallet of wood fuel with the rest of your order if space and weight limitations allow.  

Custom quantities available - please ask for your personal quote.

2 bags
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