Nielsen Round Wood Briquettes

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Highest density, easy to light, and long burning briquettes

Free 2 - 3 business day delivery to mainland UK including Scottish Highlands, to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, except parts of the South-West and Wales with postcodes shown above.

Why choose NIELSEN Pine & Spruce wood briquettes?

These hot, dense and long lasting wood briquettes are suitable for use in fireplaces, log and multifuel stoves, log burners, firepits and log boilers. They are particularly good for fireplaces as they light easily and burn less quickly than the 
Pini-Kay Heat Logs. They are made from 100% clean virgin sawdust dried to 7-10%. They have a great natural look in open log fires and are very versatile.

This renewable biomass fuel is made from Pine (70%) and Spruce (30%) sawdust (sawmill byproducts) with no additives. They have a hole down the middle to assist air flow and light up easily. These briquettes hardly expand at all and look great in a fire. Finally, these briquettes release up to 40% more heat when compared with seasoned logs at 25% moisture (heat output of 5.13 kWh/kg in briquettes against 3.69 kWh/kg in seasoned logs).

How are the briquettes made?

The briquettes are made from mixed dried virgin pine and spruce wood sawdust in an original Danish-made Nielsen press which applies high pressure with additional heating of briquette surfaces. Thanks to this advanced technology, the briquettes are extremely dense and compact - over 2 x as dense as kiln-dried logs - and with a very smooth and slightly brownish surface giving a natural look and making these pleasant to handle. No additives or binders are added because natural lignin in the wood binds sawdust after high pressure and temperature are applied.

What are the briquettes like?

These briquettes are of a light brown colour and release a delicate flavor of wood when you open the package. They provide high heat output of approx. 17 MJ/kg. They do not expand, spark, or spit when burning.

Each briquette measures approximately 90mm (3.5 in.) in diameter x 270mm (11 in.) length with a hole down the middle which creates additional draught and ensures the briquettes burn both inside and outside.

There are five briquettes in a 10kg clear polythene bag. They are very clean and easy to handle. The pallet is shrink-wrapped and contains cardboard corners inside and black straps on the outside for a reliable and neat-looking package.

Pallet sizes are:

Full pallet - 96 x 10kg bags

Half pallet - 48 x 10kg bags

Quarter pallet - 24 x 10kg bags

How to get the most out of this product?

The briquettes can release heat for as long as 4 hours or more in a good stove without expanding. Burning time in different appliances will depend on air inflow setting, number of briquettes loaded, outside temperature, and size of appliance and can range anywhere from 1 hour to over 3 hours. A minimum of three briquettes should be loaded at any given time.  They produce good flame during the first 40-45 minutes of burning and then glow giving a steady heat and maintaining their shape until reduction to a small amount of ash residue. They produce minimal ash and smoke.

Place them on burning kindling wood to get them really hot and then turn down the air flow. Experiment with these to get the best performance from your stove set-up and you will be very impressed with these high calorie, low cost compressed wood logs.

Expected burn time was 4hours. On an open fire 2 burnt together lasted less than 1 hour. Far too expensive.

Match my expectation - quality product well packed in polythene (or similar)

They burn really well, can sometimes take a while to get going, but once up and running, they last for about 2 hours. Easy to handle and easy to store.

long burning with good heat output

Great product.well despatch

Take a bit of getting used to but the Nielsen briquettes burn for a long time, have relatively little ash and give out great heat.

Super warm fires and good burning time.

look good and burn well. Very pleased

great burning I would recommend this product



very pleased with product and next day delivery

As expected there are a lot of Nielsen briquettes about I had tried them before -- Blazers made with Nielsen press.

The briquettes burn as described

The logs come in very handy packs and burn super hot....:the only slight negative is they are so well wrapped that I have trouble getting the end logs out.....but that could just be me!

I usually buy 6 cube of fire wood which takes up a lot of space, a pallet of briquettes only uses a fraction of that space. I tried a couple on the fire and a burn time of 3 hours was achieved.

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